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With a diverse background in science, research, and healthcare and after 10 years of success selling into K-12 and Hi-Ed markets for Apple, I optimistically look to begin the next chapter in my professional career. Presently, I find myself propelling forward with one foot firmly rooted in sales and the other accelerating growth exponentially with dynamic and innovative marketing strategies. My sales credentials are well established and I have a proven track record of success leading sales teams, implementing global sales strategies, new business development, working with C-level executives and quota attainment. These skills are accented by a passion for "super normal" marketing and business development strategies that transcend verticals and deliver results, even in today’s challenging education channel.

On a personal level, I am never one to back down from a challenge and pride myself on being an approachable and friendly jack-of-all-trades who’s always ready to go the extra mile in an effort to draw success closer for the collective. I have worked for the majority of my professional career out of my home office and am confident in my ability to operate autonomously and in collaboration with others in all facets of my business. One of the things that has made me so compelling to my customers over the years has been my passion for the products I represent - I can't see my next role evolving from anything less than total confidence in the product or solution I represent. On any team, my most valuable role is found in the time I spend working directly with customers and I envision my future role to have a large customer-facing component. Most of all, I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills can help ensure growth and prosperity for organizations both large and small.
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Matt and I worked together for several years selling to public and private k-12 schools in the midwest. We had 2 very successful years driven by a passion for perfection and by working dilligently to exceed our goals. He is known for his intelligence and drive as well as coming up with creative education solutions and it was an honor to be a part of his team.
Eileen Crowley, Worked with Matt at Apple, Inc.
Matthew is one of the most focused and energetic campus reps I have ever managed, if we were all as focused as Matt is at this point in life there would be few jobs available for anyone over 30. Matt has high energy, very conscientious and leaves a trail for others to follow.
Eric Dawson, Managed Matt at Apple, Inc.

I have worked closely with Matt, in his position as an Apple Campus Representative, since he was hired. We have collaborated on several projects and I would highly recommend his work and his attention to its detail.
Chris Czel, Worked with Matt at Apple, Inc.
Thinking outside the box, energy, solution and customer focused, relentless for perfection. This is how I would describe Matt and his efforts during our time working in the same region. Matt always took the initiative to provide new information and solutions using innovative methods always engaging our customers' interests and needs. Matt is a consummate team player always willing to share new ideas with others to help better everyone.
Mike Meeker, Worked with Matt at Apple, Inc.
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